...Healing through Sound Medicine, Community, and Laughter...           

What Is it ?

Laughter Yoga is a form of personal, and social excercise, which benefits the body, mind and spirit.  

It pairs  the practice of laughter excercises, with deep yogic breathing.

Why would I do this ?

As soon as one begins to laugh, an instantaneous positive shift begins to occur.

The entire body, and cellular structure begins to become oxygenated.   A sense of  playfullness, release and levity is invoked.

A positive shift in emotions, and outlook

Laughter stimulates the (PSNS) para-sympathetic nervous system,  "rest and digest", the complimentary of the (SNS) sympathetic nervous system "fight or flight".

You get a chance to not take yourself so seriously, PLAY and be silly!

How ?

Laughter yoga for me is based on two key

  1.  Your body does not recognize the difference between laughter as excercise and laughter stimulated by humour.
  2.  Laughter is   C O N T A G I O U S
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