Upcoming Dates:

January 10th
January 17th
January 24th
January 31th

 This class is offered in Full Gratitude:

Investment: is $10-20 Pay what you Feel

Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.

Please bring a Cushion, or something Comfy to Sit on.


These classes are an offering, 

of my personal journey with sound and healing

coming full circle of seven years.  

Integrating everything I've learned, and manifesting

what i desire to see come to fruition.

There will be a series of rotating concepts and practices,

and the class will be expected to grow and evolve.

It is my prayer that it will be of service and of benefit.


A safe time and space where individuals can come together and support each other as community. 

To employ knowledge, and curiosity to support the highest potential for learning and expanded growth and consciousness.

An exploration, of ourselves as, whole beings,  where everything that arises can be used, and honoured. 

A place where the power of sounding, and conscious intent can reveal authenticity, and infinite potential for healing on all levels.

A place for reflection, integration, and inquiry
 into relationship with the world we live in.

Goals & Objectives:

  • create an atmosphere where mind, body and spirit can thrive
  • to support an atmosphere of experiential learning, reflection and inquiry
  • share and provide inspiring and appropriate guidance 
  • to awaken the inner healer and the art of self-healing
  • to explore pathways and concepts around healing, health, and wholeness
  • to develop an understanding of knowing, and meeting your needs
  • to work closely with the nature within, and the natural elements as teachers
  • to form a powerful alliance with the intelligence of body, breath and conscious sounding
  • to access and allow for the expression of collective wisdom and co-creation
  • to explore the nature of  conflict, and harmony 
  • to nurture the power of self-expression
  • empowerment through sounding, and vocal expression
  • to expand consciousness in a meaningful may
  • access the power of unconditional love 
  • to allow for wisdom, and insight
  • honour the Earth, and All our relations
  • to integrate our benefits and merits into the community, and world

Core Values:

  • true knowledge comes from within
  • honour the power of collective wisdom,  the potential of collective creation
  • the use of intentional sound as a key
  • nature is a master teacher
  • Sounding is a bodywork
  • the need to honour and express the pain in our bodies, and in this world
  • experience to insight, to inspired action
  • FUN, laughter, and light-heartedness
  • that the expressive arts are an uncompromisable key to whole living
  • Sound is a creative force 
  • explore the idea that we come from one Source 

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