A Rotating Series of Topics,
Practices and Explorations will be Offered 

- building a sound healing practice
-research, experiential learning, and collective wisdom
- methodical and intuitive approaches
(masculine and feminine balance)
-resistance, resonance, release, repair, rejoice
-working with Pain, Old Patterning, and Belief systems
-working with the Emotions
-tuning the Human Body 
-Intelligence Centers
-Chakra Energy Centers 
- Sound as Body Work, 
- Sound and Movement
-Deep Listening and Authentic Movement
- Breath, Body, Nature as Master teachers
-Working with the 5 Elements
- Reflection, and Inquiry 
- Personal, Dyadic, Group, Community Practices
-the power of FUN
-Sound and the Inner Child 
-Chant, Mantra, the Divine Names, and Song 
-Toning, Sounding, Overtoning, Harmonics
-Seed Syllables 
-Dances of Universal Peace 
-Sacred Sound Practices & Traditions
-Vocal Empowerment
-Collective Improvisation and Sound - Music 

-Sound Healing Instruments,
-Working with the Drum, Rattles, Singing Bowls etc.
-Prayer, Blessing, and Honouring
the Pain of this World 
-Dreaming, and Manifesting 
the World, the Lives we want to Live In 
-and More... 


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